Quality Cabbies Award

Congratulations to Mr Yau Chi-keung for winning one of twelve Quality Taxi Drivers 2009 awards. In my book, he’s a hero simply because he refused to complete the lengthy lost-and-found procedures when he took the lost bag to the police station.Ten other cabbies also won the award for “reporting lost property found in their taxis and returning it to the passenger or to police“. The other award went to a taxi driver for “sincere and helpful service“.

If only the police would minimize the amount of paperwork and time needed to report lost property, more people would be willing to report lost items.

Anyways, now that the criteria for winning a Quality Cabbie Award have been revealed by the Quality Taxi Services Steering Committee (pun intended?), let’s hope more Hong Kong cabbies will report lost property (to the Taxi Operators’ Association) and provide sincere and helpful service.

Cabbie who handed in diamonds among 12 to receive quality award
Maggie Ng
Nov 06, 2009

An Indonesian man of Chinese descent was able to retrieve his bag of diamonds worth HK$1 million left in a cab thanks to Yau Chi-keung, one of the 12 winners of the Quality Taxi Drivers 2009 award.

In April last year, the 59-year-old taxi driver drove the passenger from Tsim Sha Tsui to Quarry Bay at about midday. Five minutes after the passenger got out, Yau noticed that a bag had been left under the back seat.

He radioed the Taxi Operators’ Association to report the lost property. Unable to find the owner, he went to a police station not knowing what was in the bag. Police wanted Yau to remain at the station while they completed lost-and-found procedures, but he did not have the time. He took the bag home and returned to the station later to drop it off.

At home, he opened the bag and saw small bags of diamonds inside, but had no idea what they were worth. Yau only found out from police later.

Although Yau had never met the owner of the diamonds before, the owner gave him a few thousand dollars as a reward, which he donated to a charity for the poor.

The driver said that he had no second thoughts about handing in the diamonds once he had opened the bag and found them inside.

“The owner was happy to get back what was his and I’m happy because my conscience is clear,” Yau said.

With more than 30 years’ experience as a cabbie, Yau intends to retire in the next year or so. He has four children and four grandchildren.

Ten of the other 11 winners were also nominated for reporting lost property found in their taxis and returning it to the passenger or to police. One was nominated for “sincere and helpful service”.

Winners received an identity plate yesterday, recognising them as Quality Taxi Drivers of 2009.

The ceremony was attended by Commissioner for Transport Joseph Lai Yee-tak and Jimmy Poon Wing-fai, chairman of the Quality Taxi Services Steering Committee.

2 Responses to Quality Cabbies Award

  1. july says:

    Pues yo me deje una camara de fotos en un taxi de hong kong el dia 20-09-2009 y no ha aparecido a dia de hoy.

    Un saludo.

  2. hksarblog says:

    Sorry to hear about your lost camera. If it’s any consolation, I’m quite sure that Hong Kong taxi driver has not been given a Quality Award!

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