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When I first started blogging in January 2009, I did not know which free Blog service was better for my needs. I therefore decided to use both WordPress and Blogger to see which service was more convenient and practical to use. After one year, my plan was to write a review comparing the pros and cons of both blog services.

Today, ten months in, the blog has been wiped from the Web frozen. I can no longer login. Apparently, there was a violation of the Terms of Service. But I received no notice or warning, and there is no channel for me to contact WordPress about this.

[Screenshots of the site]

Has anyone else experienced this situation? What happens to the blog name/domain and to the blog content?

Fortunately, HKSARblog still exists here! [Plus comments] But can anyone provide good advice and tell me if this blog will be in danger of being wiped from the Web too? I wouldn’t want this blog to go up in smoke.


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